Company History

Tanyel Construction & Estate Ltd. is a family-owned company founded in 1995. Our company entered the sector with land parceling and infrastructure projects in the Tuzla-Famagusta region, and in 1997, initiated the ‘‘Karpaz Holiday Houses’’ project consisting of 285 residences in Yeni Erenköy-Karpaz region where besides indigenous people, many foreign people have become householder with that project. Our company, which presented the ‘‘Sunshine Site’’ Project in Tuzla-Famagusta in 2013, delivered the houses to the owners earlier than the committed date without compromising the principle of ‘‘high quality construction and materials’’. While our company has defined customer satisfaction as its primary aim for many years, we pay the utmost attention for preserving the flora greenery when applying new developments. Jasmine Site, which is inspired by the highly acclaimed Sunshine Site Project, consists of two parts. There are 41 houses in the first part, whereas the part II includes 24 flats. We invite you to a quiet, peaceful, and comfortable life with the part II of Jasmine Site.