About Company

Tanyel Cons and Estate Ltd.

Alongside hundreds of houses since 1995. TRUST is the most significant aspect that we build and seeing that in your eyes achieve our main goal.

Our Mission

The biggest aim for us is always to please our customers. We are confident that we are the only competitors of ourselves, for that reason, we are continuously searching to improve and we succeed.

Our Vision

Following innovation at any time and mixing it with the experience we gain since 1995 will help us to bring new projects and houses to our customers’ service.

Our Principles

As we implement before in Karpasia and Tuzla Sunshine Projects, our main principle is to keep promises that we offer to customers by delivering our service perfectly in time.

Our Values 

As a company, our values are to be near the environment and nature during the time we are active. Nearly 1000 olive crews have been added to the nature and environment in the project over 300 houses we built in Karpasia and, carob trees, famous in karpasia region, are removed from their roots and planted in other regions as well.