D Type House – 2 Bedroom

Categories: Tuzla Sunshine Houses

Closed Area: 108m2 total
Gross Area: 141m2 total

Standard Property Specifications

• The building will be constructed according to the reinforced concrete system basis.

• On the inner walls satin will be pulled on two hand plaster and white paint will be used.

• Floor coverings will be ceramic. Ceramics will be selected from Canakkale or Ege Seramik brands.

• Bathrooms and toilets flooring will be ceramics. Ceramics will be selected from Canakkale or Ege Seramik brands.

• Bathrooms, toilets and kitchen wall coverings will be tiles. The tiles will be selected from Çanakkale or Ege Seramik brands.

• The type of open door will be metallic.

• The kitchen will have a steel eye recessed in the eye.

• The bathroom and toilet will be in white color.

• Building interior and exterior water plumbing will be plastic.

• Two plastic waters, one tonne and one tonne, for each dwelling

   it will be a storage.

• An electric kettle will be installed in each house.

• Wooden aluminum double glazed windows are to be worn on the windows.

• The outer door, the pergola, the handrails will be made of wood.

• The Swedish kind of wooden houses will be manufactured.

• Interior doors will be American press doors.

• Electrical installation will be made according to Kib-Tek conditions.

• Kitchen and wall cabinets will be manufactured as kain covered wing.

• An electric kettle and solar energy will be installed.