About Us

About Company

Tanyel Construction and Estate Ltd. It is a family company founded by Construction Engineer Tanyel Bayraktaroğlu in 1995. Our company; First of all, we started to work on the land parcels and infrastructure projects in Tuzla-Famagusta region, then in 1997 we offered our project "Karpaz Holiday Houses" in Erenköy region. We have hosted many foreign citizens as well as many indigenous people in the Karpaz region. Upon the request, in 2013, the Sunlight Site in the Tuzla-Famagusta region began to deliver its houses before its time. We have launched the Yasemin Site on the way to Famagusta-Nicosia with a project similar to the concept of Güneşli Sitesi our people. While our sales in the Karpaz area continue, you will continue to explore the beauty of the sea and nature with a brand new project "Karpaz Doğa Houses".

Why Tanyel Construction ?


We are in the construction industry as of 1995. We produce projects with 28 years of experience.


Our company has adopted the principle of using good quality workmanship and materials.

Quick Solution

Problems that occur after sales are quickly resolved by our team.


Our projects are starting after legal permits are received. It has always been successful in inspections conducted by the authorities.

  Ecological Structures

We have been careful to build buildings that are environmentally friendly, green and protected by our location.

Customer Satisfaction

Our team works to meet customer expectations. It is planned and scheduled to work and is meticulous in delivering it to the hosts at the time of delivery.